South Florida Bankruptcy Filings Rise on Foreclosure Surge

Local Florida foreclosure defense and bankruptcy attorneys have been reporting a new surge in personal bankruptcy filings as lenders speed up foreclosures in Miami, Broward and Palm Beach County, signaling the worst is far from over. Almost 50% of Miami homes sales continue to be distressed property sales and this number could spike even further …Continue reading


Media Covering Up Reality of Foreclosure Surge in South Florida

Have the media and local real estate workers been hiding the ugly reality of foreclosure hell in South Florida? Both groups have been painting an increasingly rosy picture of the housing market in the South Florida tri-county area but the data seems to tell a very different story. Of course real estate sales people have …Continue reading


Why Florida Renters Need Foreclosure Defense Lawyers Too

Florida renters are far from being immune to the foreclosure crisis and both tenants and landlords had better make sure that they are on the right side of the law or risk facing some very harsh consequences. South Florida renters in Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale in particular are increasingly finding themselves in tricky …Continue reading


6 Figure Checks Headed to Florida Foreclosure Victims This Week

$125,000 checks are now rolling off the presses and out to homeowners cheated out of their homes through fraudulent mortgage lender foreclosure practices. So will you get one, how can you find out what you are owed and what’s in store for those still stuck in their Florida homes? According to the Office of the …Continue reading


Florida Foreclosure Crisis Barely Half Way In

Housing Wire dubbed Florida the foreclosure capital of America in 2012 and it’s likely it will retain that status in 2013 and beyond too. In fact Florida could easily be called the foreclosure capital of the world and it’s time that homeowners woke up to that fact and contacted a Florida foreclosure defense attorney to …Continue reading